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Over 15 years of experience in graphic, motion and web design, movie production as well as interactive design and illustration ...

I am a person who always follow his passions. I believe that without a passion, one’s life loses dimension, a thrill.

My one passion is art and its implementation in the every day through design, animation and paintings. The other, is knowledge and enquiring it. I am fascinated with the complexity and interconnections between world economics, environment, philosophy, psychology and religion.

I start to draw at about four. Always a picture seams worth more than 1000 words to me. I spend hours sketching, painting and making three-dimensional objects. I recall discovering drawing with ink for the first time; the fine strokes of a rapidograph and high contrasts of the black and white planes. With puberty comes a fascination with a female form and figure portraits.

At 18, just months after landing on a foreign continent, I face my first major career decision. Shall I center my life round art and enroll in the fine arts program, or rather, follow a more recent fascination with the digital world. Taking under consideration the future I hoped for, with family and kids, more less stable financially, I decide to follow a path of a Digital Artist.

Graduating from a graphic design program in the late 90’s, I start my career as an assistant within a special effects department in a post movie production firm, Eyes Post Group. These are the days of Houdini 2.5 on the big blue SGI, and feeling as if I have a flying carpet underneath my arms. I remember being involved in editing a promotional piece for Bingo, working in the first version of Maya 1 and even though, these days are long gone, I still feel the rush of the 3D graphics world.

My next stop is Kingston, Ontario, the city I call my first Canadian home. I work, in a quite forbidden business at that time, in a contracting firm within an on-line casino industry. I speed learn Flash 4, Dreamweaver 3, 3D Studio Max; plow through marketing and e-mailing campaigns, thousands of banners, tracking systems and motion graphics.

After 5 years, I move back to Toronto, ready to swim with the big sharks. For the first 2 years, I work closely with a marketing manager and a programmer, designing, building and maintaining websites for over 3000 books. The next 8 years, I spend at BTI, Brand Innovations Inc., bringing the brand message to life for many local and international companies. I have the opportunity to build the web, and later, the motion graphics departments.

Now, after over 15 years of experience I can help you to brand and innovate in achieving your business targets.I am here to offer a highly innovative approach to creative projects combined with close to two decades of design experience. The multidisciplinary experience enables me to integrate services across the design spectrum – from branding, packaging, film, print, illustration and digital art.

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81 Kingsmount Park Rd
Toronto M4L3L3 ON